How it Works

Shallow Dip technology

When the cooktop is turned off, the stainless steel surface is flat.

Upon heating the device, which takes less than 3 minutes, the centre of the surface dips to create a shallow cooking area that contains the marinades and juices

The heating element uses state-of-the-art technology, and is electric, making it therefore safe for indoor and outdoor use

Temperature Zones

Cooking Zone: variable temperature grill (max. 220°C) which dips inwards when heated

Warming Zone: 50% lower temperature than set Cooking Zone, usually 8.5cm wide separating the inner- and outer-zones

Cool Area: Safety zone, stays room-temperature at all times.  Ideal for serving and eating


Cleaning the unit is simple. When you have finished cooking, turn the heating element to 3. Pour warm-hot water on the stained area and simmer for 10-15 minutes.  To loosen the residue on the plate, gently scrape with a non-metal spatula to remove any residue.  Wipe down, and the cooktop is ready for use once more!

Clean & Maintain Download Flyer HERE!