Teppanyaki-Style Grills and BBQs

Learn to cook like a chef with our versatile teppanyaki-style grills.  From a delicate crepe to a sizzling steak, you will be amazed by what you can create with our range of tables and cooktops!

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Japanese-Style Teppanyaki Grill

The key to tappanyaki cooking is that is is quick and simple and incorporates the cook as an integral part of the dining process, rather than relegating him or her to the kitchen or the grill.

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Built-In BBQ Cooktops

Impart a sleek, modern look into your kitchen with our multi-function Built-In Cooktops.  These robust teppanyaki-style BBQ grills are safe and compliment any variety of indoor and outdoor settings.

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Bistro BBQ Tables

The Bistro Tables are ideal for casual outdoor entertaining. Our Bistro BBQ Tables provide a distinctive experience in cooking.  Whether it’s serving appetisers or an intimate meal for two, the Bistro Table is certain to provide a distinctive cooking experience.

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Dining BBQ Tables

Create a unique dining experience for your friends and family with a teppanyaki-style BBQ Dining Table. Share the joy of creating your meal as everyone around the table can contribute.

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Portable BBQ Cooktops

Bring an element of culinary style with you when you own a Portable teppanyaki-style BBQ cooktop.

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