Teppanyaki Tables

Take Outdoor Entertainment Areas to the Next Level With a Teppanyaki Table

Cook n Dines Teppanyaki Tables for sale are ideal for casual outdoor entertaining. If you’re someone who loves to entertain outdoors without being trapped in the kitchen, they are the perfect solution!

With two sizes you can have an intimate meal for two or have friends and family over for dinner and a show. The smaller table is 90cm in diameter while the larger one is 1.2m. Both of our teppanyaki tables are sure to provide a memorable dining experience for all your guests.

They are safe to use outside all year round due to the electric, flameless heat that the tables produce.

The teppanyaki tables also have cooling technology that allows you to use the outer ring of the table as a serving tray while still cooking food in the middle. This means all you will need is the teppanyaki tabletop grill. No serving trays, no outdoor dining sets, no moving food to and from the barbeque.

Cook your food right in front of you at your table. Imagine what you can do and re-invent the way you entertain!

Create whatever stunning meals you can think of in your outdoor setting. Cooking with a teppanyaki table will save more energy than cooking with traditional outdoor barbeques and the tables are strong and durable.

Shallow Dip Technology means that the centre part of the grill becomes concave when it’s heated. You can then keep food hot once cooking is complete with the special warming area on the table. Outside of the grilling/warming area will be cool enough for you to use as a regular table.

They are more efficient when cooking because any heat is transferred directly to the food with none lost. They are perfect for outdoor settings. They are both as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional. The Teppanyaki tables can also be cleaned very quickly.

Some meals will be able to be wiped down with just a paper towel. You won’t need any chemicals when you’re cleaning. The table is even better for you as stainless steel does not pick up germs as much as other metals.



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